DMEX Overview
The Platform Overview for DMEX (Decentralized Mining Exchange)
Since Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin: Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System in 2008, bitcoin has sprouted and stably operated for decades. The crypto asset market also started from ground zero and burgeoned into a multi-trillion dollar business. As a result, the mining power market that provides pivotal support to the core logic of mainstream projects like BTC, ETH and Filecoin also witnessed rapid expansion. According to rough statistics, the mining power market alone accounts for more than 100 billion USD annually.
The inception of the mining power market has produced numerous rags-to-riches miracles. Nevertheless, professional miners, as a minority group, accounts for only a small portion of the Bitcoin stakeholders. Many users wish to enter the mining business, yet they are often deterred by considerable barriers to learning, hefty investment, inadequate asset liquidity, lack of transparency in revenue information, hence they either wait on the sideline or abandon the idea altogether. Therefore, miners are relatively segregated from average Bitcoin stakeholders, these two groups fail to forge propitious interaction and asset liquidity.
DMEX is the world's first decentralized mining power financial service platform. Built upon the decentralization technical philosophy, DMEX endeavors to create a brand new trust system for the mining power trading market. DMEX platform rules are enforced by smart contracts. Thereby, users will be shielded from human errors and dishonest interventions.
Through tokenizing mining power into NFT, DMEX creatively lowers the entry barriers for average users to participate in token mining. Meanwhile, DMEX combines mining power NFT with innovative DeFi products including mining power NFT trading, collateral loan, and joint mining. Such a wide range of investment options not only helps the mining machine vendors to lock in their profit in advance, but also protects the users so that they can enjoy a stable daily mining income. As a decentralized platform, DMEX is operated, managed, and developed by the DAO community governance consensus. DMEX users can vote to decide significant community agendas. They are entitled to in-depth participation in the governance and future development of the DMEX platform.
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